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Strengthening Core Business Competency

Government Advertising Agency

We serve as an agency for government advertisements and campaigns, thus serving as a bridge between the nation and the government. We provide a comprehensive range of related services, from creative advertisement planning to the recruitment of advertising channels and to post-advertising impact analysis.

Government Advertising Agency

Pursuant to the Prime Minister Decree No. 541 (October 6, 2009) on the Execution of Government Advertisements, the KPF also serves as an advertising agency on behalf of all national administrative organizations, local governments, public enterprises and institutions, local public corporations, and special vehicle companies. The proceeds from these advertising campaigns all go toward projects that support the advancement of the media industries, including the Press Promotion Fund.

Effective Advertisement Execution and Channeling

We follow a scientific, pre-defined media strategy in order to maximize the efficiency of our government advertisement campaigns. We also research advertisement impact and other such topics in order to ensure the professionalization and scientific improvement of government advertisements.

Advertisement Production Service

We also produce and execute newspaper, broadcast, magazine, and Internet advertisement campaigns with our professional advertising agency pool.

  • Advertiser
    state administrative agencies, local governments, public institutions, local public enterprises, special co-rporation, etc
  • Demand for ad charges
    Request for advertisement
  • Korea Press Foundation
  • Demand for ad charges
    Media planning·pro-curement, payment of ad charge
  • Mass media
    Press, journals, broadcasting, outdoor billboard, theater, internet, etc

Upgrading Advertising Service for Public Sectors & Contribution to shared Growth of Economy

Advertising Data Service

We provide data on subscription and viewer ratings and other effects of advertising for our governmental advertisers.

Government Advertisement Seminars and Workshops

We regularly organize advertisement seminars and workshops for the PR and advertising officers of the diverse ministries and departments of the central government, of municipal and provincial governments, and other public enterprises and broadcasting companies.

Advertisement Education and Training

In an effort to enhance the professionalism of governmental advertisers and improve the quality of resulting advertisements, we provide advertisement education and training programs for government PR officers.

Court Announcement Agency

In addition, we also announce real estate bid announcements from courts across the entire nation in order to ensure the efficiency, systematization, and transparency of court announcements.

  • Legal ground: Supreme Court Precedent Rule No. 1294 (amended January 22, 2010), “Rule on Newspaper Announcements.”
  • Scope of agency: Court announcements of real estate bids.

Korea Press Center, 124 Sejong-daero, Jung-gu, Seoul, KOREA