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Originally established as Korea Newspaper Center in 1962, KPF has been shaping and leading the history of press and journalism in Korea over the last five decades. Emerging new media and new technologies continue to cause rapid transformations in news media environment today.
Nevertheless, true purpose of journalism and news media, as cradle of democracy and credible sources of knowledge and information, remains the same and more important than ever. Yet our news media industries, including newspapers, face a crisis of unprecedented scale and nature.

Korean government sought to help Korean news media industries overcome current situation by newly launching KPF on February 1, 2010, as public institution, combining three previously existing institutions, i.e., Korea Press Foundation, Newspaper Commission for the Press, and Korean Newspaper Circulation Service. Our mission is to manage the crisis currently facing journalism and media industries in Korea, and thereby to help Korean media industries adapt actively to new media and information technologies. KPF strives to rise to the challenges presented by this day and age by promoting the use of the press as an instrument for social diversity and inclusion.

With this mission in mind, KPF now pursues creativity and vitality as its core values. KPF has been undertaking diverse projects under four overarching objectives: namely, improving journalism quality, creating a sound news ecosystem, enhancing citizens' media literacy, and strengthening core business competency. With creative input from all employees and close cooperation with other organizations and institutions, KPF will fulfill its goals of holding journalism accountable, promoting national dialogue, and innovating news ecosystem.

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